Pretty fucking standard designer who likes moving shapes around. In my full-time job I work at Idean, a product design agency that does a few things including: nice colours. When I’m not crying, I’m making music or ruining your typeface with my layout.

first crimes

Exploring techno with a reduced hardware setup

spinny nights

Site for a Bristol night and label

repetition press

Zine in the making


Climate posters for hot people

My influences are mild anxiety paired with girl scout cookies and erotic techno. What else, I’m better at curating my online persona than my real one. I’m on Twitter and Instagram, but a bit dissapointing on both. A few of my things are also on Github.


22.02.17 VR Design Sprint

12.12.16 Designing my first VR experience

Case studies

Product listing and display redesign (Farfetch)
This was the first phase of a redesign of the app suite.

Exploring ‘Search’ (Farfetch)
Putting search at the centre of the experience.